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The following is a list of the records made by Coleen Mannheimer in species name order.

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
80226Aeschynomene cristata var. cristata C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer Seasonally inundated plainRoad to Kalizo/Zembezi Mubala Lodge Caprivi0Namibia1724D1940

80225Andropogon gayanus C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer Sandy plain with calcrete inclusionsMain road between Tsumeb and Otjiwarongo0Namibia1917B31432

80227Antidesma venosum C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer Caprivi Strip0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)0

80228Antidesma venosum C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer RiverbankMahangu Safari Lodge0Namibia1821B11003

95556Clematis brachiata25 May 1999C Mannheimer
ES Klaassen
S Austaller
BA Curtis
C Mannheimer 739 K Singh WIND
Caprivi: Campsite No.1, Mudumo National Park.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1823A20

Creeper; Notes: In dark grey sandy soil. Exposure: semi-shade. Uncommon. Flowers: in axillary and terminal sprays; petals 4, creamy-white, anthers numerous; very attractive, with lovely perfume. Leaves: compound, imparipinnate, serrate - crenate and lobed. Branches opposite.

95642Erythrococca menyharthii26 May 1999C Mannheimer
ES Klaassen
S Austaller
BA Curtis
ES Klaassen 179 S Austaller WIND
Caprivi: On road to Linyanti.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1823B30

Shrub; Notes: Exposure: full sun. Perennial. Uncommon. Height: 1 m. Leaves: opposite, olive green, very hairy, soft to touch, serrate. Stem greenish white, very pubescent. Fruit 3-locular, green. Other: loamy sandy soil. Along road verge.

76436Fockea multiflora22 Sep 2008C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer Tree and shrub savannaLake Otjikoto, Namibia0Namibia1917B11216

Robust twiner

77328Habenaria kilimanjari19 Feb 2015C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer 4850 B Bytebier WIND
In depression next to road.Along road D3507 between Lake Liambezi and Ngoma.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1724D3 924

First record for Namibia.

94753Habenaria kilimanjari28 Feb 2015C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer 4850 B Bytebier WIND
Seasonally inundated depression, black clay. Occasional, very localised. Full sun and semi-shade.Caprivi: Depression next to road D3507 between Lake Laimbezi and Ngoma.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1724D3 924

Geophyte growing between grasses, height 0.25-0.30 m. Corm elongate-cylindrical. Flowers mature, carried in terminal raceme, white, with long spur. Fruit not seen.

95647Hibiscus cannabinus25 May 1999C Mannheimer
ES Klaassen
S Austaller
BA Curtis
C Mannheimer 741 S Bartsch WIND
Caprivi: Mamili Game Reserve floodplain.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1823B30

170 cm high; Notes: Exposure: full sun. Annual. Localized. Flowers: quite small for Hibiscus, creamy yellow, 4 cm in diameter when open; centre dark purple. Calyx glandular. Epicalyx lobes appear to be 7. Leaves: 3-lobed. Other: erect, sturdy annual.

80223Ludwigia leptocarpa C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer Slow-moving side channel of riverNear Namushasha River Lodge0Namibia1723C4963

93794Phyllanthus reticulatus var. reticulatus25 May 1999C Mannheimer
ES Klaassen
S Austaller
BA Curtis
ES Klaassen 175 HH Kolberg WIND
Caprivi: Namushasha turn-off, about 3 km before lodge.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1723C40

Shrub; Notes: Exposure: full sun. Perennial. Relatively common. Height: 2 m. Flowers: axillary buds. Leaves: alternate, soft, pubescent, whitish green. Stipules present. Stems and bark: brown, hairy. Other: sandy soil along road verge.

80236Pseudolachnostylis maprouneifolia C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer Caprivi0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)0

94039Strychnos potatorum28 May 1999C Mannheimer
C Mannheimer 750 C Mannheimer WIND
Caprivi: Katima Mulilo Golf Club.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1724C20

800 cm high; Tree; Notes: Perennial tree, 800 cm high. Leaves: 5-veined from just above base. Fruits and seed: fruit deep purple-black, ripe. Other: trees 8-10 m tall, all seed was collected from a single tree. Very attractive tree. Occasional.

95654Vernonia glabra var. glabra26 May 1999C Mannheimer
ES Klaassen
S Austaller
BA Curtis
ES Klaassen 177 ES Klaassen WIND
Caprivi Strip: Road verge in the vicinity of Nkasa Island, Mamili National Park.0Namibia (Caprivi Strip)1823B30

Shrub; Notes: Perennial shrub. Height: 1 m. Occurrence: abundant. Flower: flowerheads purple, terminal clusters. Leaves: alternate, margin serrate, grey-green, hairy. Other: sandy soil along road verge. Exposure: full sun.


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