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The following is a list of the records made by Peter Biegel in species name order.

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
115090Acacia melanoxylon27 Feb 1980HM Biegel
HM Biegel 5732 SRGH
Garden ornamentalMount Pleasant, Harare12Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Mature tree 12 m high. Bark rough brown.

115080 (cultivated)Acacia podalyriifolia (cultivated)04 Dec 1972HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4119 SRGH
GardenHarare garden12Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Seedlings from parent tree in same garden

106557Acalypha caperonioides04 Nov 1968HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2675 SRGH
In burnt areaJameson Avenue East, near Henry Chapman Golfcourse10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

A cluster of stems from woody root the site of a large man's fist, from which also short rhizomes.

53241Actiniopteris dimorpha subsp. dimorpha04 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 1106 SRGH
Granite outcrop up to 1420m high, fern occuring in small colonies in shallow soil pockets on the rock.Sikanjena Hill, Belingwe district0Zimbabwe2030C1S0

48840Adiantum incisum24 Mar 1969HM Biegel
GV Pope
HM Biegel GV Pope 14237 SRGH
On steep, tall-wooded limestone slope, in leafmouldWhindale ranch, Mangula, Makonde district.0Zimbabwe1630C3N914

Tips of some fronds arching over and where they touch ground new plants develop

73517Alangium chinense20 Oct 1969HM Biegel
TM Müller
HM Biegel TM Müller 1289 SRGH
Mixed evergreen forest: Khaya nyasica, Newtonia buchananii, close to watercourse.Holdenby Tribal Trust Land0Zimbabwe1832B4E1370

Tree 40 m. DBH 75 cm, heavily buttressed. Bark smooth, grey. Slash white, soft,wet. Underbark bright yellow.

99115Alysicarpus rugosus subsp. perennirufus29 Oct 1968HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2660 SRGH
Open flat Hyparrhenia grasslandArundel - Golden Stairs Roads, Mount Pleasant10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Spreading stems from woody root. Vexillum rose, keel off white tinged pink. Common. [Position estimated]

28420Amaranthus dubius11 Oct 1971HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3613 Forbes Avenue, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C

32660Aneilema pedunculosum01 Feb 1975HM Biegel
GE Gibbs-Russell
GV Pope
HM Biegel GE Gibbs-Russell GV Pope 4841 BR
Base of wooded gully in limestone cliffsOn Musirizwi River 200 m upstream from its confluence with the Bwazi River, Chipinge district0Zimbabwe2032D1500

Herb. Flowers dark mauve/ light purple.

106544Aspidoglossum biflorum21 Oct 1968HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2642 SRGH
Burnt areaNear Borrowdale Road, Alexandra Park10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Single-stemmed perennial. Stem from swollen soft-woody short carrot-like root. Corolla outside light green, inside yellow-green and white hairy, hairs longest at the base. Corona on corolla buse [?], filiform, off-white.

35934Asplenium lobatum30 Oct 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
N Gosden
HM Biegel GV Pope N Gosden 1130 SRGH
Steep gully in forest Mt. Buhwa W-slopes, Belingwe580Zimbabwe2030C2TN27-19-S1600

120894Bersama abyssinica subsp. nyassae14 Mar 1975HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4951 SRGH
Garden ornamental.Forest nursery, Harare.12Zimbabwe1731C3C1650

Tree 12 m with domed crown.

15519Blechnum attenuatum02 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 4264 SRGH
Deep shade at base of cliff near streamBelingwe, Mt. Buhwa580Zimbabwe2030C2TN27-19-S1200

15560Blechnum tabulare03 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 1078 SRGH
Moist, shallow gully in deciduous woodland with Smilax and Aloe arborescensBelingwe, Mt. Buhwa580Zimbabwe2030C2TN27-19-S1300

97950Centaurea praecox27 Nov 1972HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4112 SRGH
Greystone Park, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Cited in FZ 6(1)

120413 (cultivated)Cestrum nocturnum (cultivated)11 Feb 1971HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3474 SRGH
Cultivated at Landscape's Borrowdale nursery.12Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Spreading open shrub 2.5 × 4 m. Flowers are said to be insignificant, greenish, with a very strong scent like a tuberose, at night.

52349Christella dentata02 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 4269 SRGH
Gully forest on south slope above Buhwa schoolMount Buhwa, Belingwe district580Zimbabwe2030C2S1050

Fronds to 1.6 m high

52672Christella gueinziana01 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 4241 SRGH
Gully forestMount Buhwa, north west slope, Belingwe district580Zimbabwe2030C2S1200


97331Chrysanthellum indicum subsp. afro-americanum18 Jan 1971HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3454 SRGH
Weed in traffic islandJunction of Drummond Chaplin and West Road, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C1470

122715Cryptostegia madagascariensis02 Dec 1971HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3657 SRGH
Garden ornamental.Marlborough Nursery, Harare.1,2312Zimbabwe1730D4C0

Semi-scandent shrub 1.7 m high x 3 m wide. Copious milky latex from cut surfaces. Flowers mauve. Corona at base of cup, purple.

30202Cyathea dregei01 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 4242 SRGH
Gully forestBelingwe, Mt. Buhwa580Zimbabwe2030C2TN27-19-S1000

121067 (cultivated)Dalbergia sissoo (cultivated)06 Oct 1972HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3610 SRGH
On very small low termitary.Shangani Road, Mount Pleasant, Harare.10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

"Very doubtful if cultivated".

20800Datura metel01 Feb 1971HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3464 SRGH
Cultivated plantGolden Stairs Nursery, Mt Pleasant, Harare12Zimbabwe1731C3C1460

Soft woody shrub, 1.2 m. Branches purple. Leaves purple below. Flowers erect, double, purple outside, whitish inside. Fruit sharp-knobbly.

116026Dipcadi viride16 Dec 1968HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2707 K
In vleiHarare, Groombridge vlei, below Old Georgians Sports Club.10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Cited in a draft account for Flora Zambesiaca of the Hyacinthaceae. Plant in flower.

106500Dombeya burgessiae18 Jul 1974HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4522 SRGH
Garden ornamentalBorrowdale12Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Rounded shrub 2 m, said to be severely cut back annually. Flowers a delicate pink with a darker centre.

22406Equisetum ramosissimum subsp. ramosissimum03 Oct 1966HM Biegel
HM Biegel 1339 SRGH
Clusters round culvert below dam in water and on top of culvert in dry sandGwelo, Fletcher High School0Zimbabwe1929D2QJ99-39-C1400

114478Euphorbia indica26 Apr 1977HM Biegel
HM Biegel 5470 National Botanic Garden, Harare1,210Zimbabwe1731C3C0

106497Euphorbia pulcherrima01 Aug 1974HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4538 SRGH
Garden ornamentalLandscapes Nurseries, Harare12Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Open shrub 2.5 m with copious milky juice. Bracts bright red.

119368Ficus burkei20 Nov 1973HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4376 SRGH
PlantedMarlborough Nursery, Harare12Zimbabwe1730D4C0

Tree 15 m. Crown tall - rounded, heavy. Bark smooth, grey. White latex from cut branch ends.

97333Galinsoga quadriradiata21 Dec 1968HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2719 SRGH
Weed in nursery bedKia Ora nursery off Enterprise Road10Zimbabwe1731C3C1516

35707Geophila obvallata subsp. ioides08 Jan 1969HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2767 SRGH
In leaf mould on forest floor in tall evergreen forestBetween Haroni and Makurupini Rivers520Zimbabwe2033A1E450

35708Geophila repens13 Jan 1969HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2822 SRGH
In leafmould on forest floor in tall evergreen forestBetween Haroni and Makurupini Rivers520Zimbabwe2033A1E425

Growing together with Geophila obvallata

5529Gleichenia polypodioides30 Oct 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
N Gosden
HM Biegel GV Pope N Gosden 1123 SRGH
In rock cracks, sheltered by rock overhangMt Buchwa, ridge at NE end580Zimbabwe2030C2S1600

E aspect

15944Gouania longispicata03 Dec 1980HM Biegel
HM Biegel 5796 SRGH
Garden ornamental, Vainona nursery12Zimbabwe1731C3C1480

Liane climbing over a 7 m high shrub. Hairs soft and rust-brown.

77300Hippocratea indica30 Jan 1975HM Biegel
GV Pope
E Russell
HM Biegel E Russell 1481 SRGH
Thicket vegetation in valley floor.West end of Mwangazi Gap, Chipinga District.0Zimbabwe2032C2E440

Dense dark green climber; flower perianth yellow.

120897Hypericum revolutum13 Oct 1975HM Biegel
HM Biegel 5169 SRGH
Garden ornamental.Golden Stairs nursery.12Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Somewhat spreading shrub 1.2 m slightly aromatic scent reminiscent of tar and spices. Flowers golden yellow, showy against the dark green foliage.

97127Ilex mitis var. mitis03 Oct 1974HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4639 SRGH
In Syzygium cordatum swamp forestMandara, Salisbury (Harare)10Zimbabwe1731C3C1505

Tree 6 m. Bark smooth, grey, very thin; UB green. Flowers white with very slight musty-sweet scent.

21340Ipomoea eriocarpa29 Apr 1969HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2977 SRGH
In tall grass.Parkland above Christmas pools, 24 km E of Shamva, Uzumba CL.0ZimbabweN0

Twiner to 1.25 m.Flowers in clusters, light mauve; throat dark mauve.

52846Lepisorus excavatus09 Jan 1967HM Biegel
HM Biegel 1712 SRGH
Epiphyte on tree, exposedWatsomba, Kukwanisa Trns. Fm., Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D1E1520

120925Lupinus mexicanus18 Jul 1971HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3599 SRGH
Harare Drive, Mabelreign.10ZimbabweC1460

120926Lupinus mexicanus10 Oct 1970HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3407 SRGH
Roadside.Harare Drive, west of Charlecote Road, Harare.10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

22703Lycopodiella cernua02 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 1064 SRGH
Woodland with Bequaertiodendron, Albizia and Uapaca treesBelingwe, Mt. Bukwa, E-slopes580Zimbabwe2030C2TN27-19-S1230

22725Lycopodium clavatum06 Jan 1968HM Biegel
On side of road cutting on crumbly rock faceInyanga, Inyanga N.P.540Zimbabwe1832B4E0

22734Lycopodium clavatum17 Apr 1966HM Biegel
Granite sandInyanga, 2 miles S of Mare dam54,1550Zimbabwe1832B4E1980

49745Nephrolepis biserrata10 Jan 1969HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2779 SRGH
In tall moist evergreen forest; on top of large, square boulder with slightly sloping top, covering an area 6x6 yards, growing in thick leafmouldBetween Haroni and Makurupini rivers0Zimbabwe2033A1E410

Clusters of stems from ends of rhizomes; fronds to 4ft high

120899Passiflora edulis01 Oct 1974HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4636 SRGH
In Syzygium cordatum swamp forest.Mandara, Harare.10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Calyx green outside, greenish-white within like the petals. Corona fimbriate, mauve at base, the remainder greenish-white. Climber 4 m.

34824Peperomia leptostachya09 May 1970HM Biegel
HM Biegel 3282 MA Diniz SRGH
Steep East-facing slope, in Brachystegia glaucescens woodland; in leaf mouldInyoni Range, Chibi0Zimbabwe2030D4S750

53054Pleopeltis polypodioides subsp. ecklonii04 Nov 1971HM Biegel
KM Brodrick
HM Biegel KM Brodrick 3634 SRGH
In evergreen wooded kloof, epiphyte, encrusts parts of some treesWedza Mountain600Zimbabwe1831D1C1600

53060Pleopeltis polypodioides subsp. ecklonii20 Oct 1969HM Biegel
TM Müller
HM Biegel TM Müller 3213 SRGH
Epiphyte on rocksLower edge of forest below Mtarazi river West bank, Inyanga district.0Zimbabwe1832B4E1370

Fronds upper surface olive green, lower surface lighter green with dark brown centred light brown scales

118458Podocarpus henkelii19 Mar 1975HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4955 SRGH
Landscapes Nurseries, Harare12Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Dense tall-rounded evergreen tree with dark, freshly-green foliage.

36159Polystachya zambesiaca30 Oct 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
N Gosden
HM Biegel GV Pope N Gosden 1122 SRGH
Mt Buhwa, Mberengwe District580Zimbabwe2030C2 S1600

Cited in Flora Zmbesiaca Vol. 11 part 2: 349 (1998)

53275Pteris catoptera02 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 1071 SRGH
Moist deciduous woodland; fern growing at the edges of a steep sided stream.Bukwa Mt., E slopes, Belingwe district.580Zimbabwe2030C2S1160

73849Pterocelastrus echinatus03 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 1099 SRGH
In stunted Brachystegia spiciformis woodlandNear beacon at highest point, Mt Buhwa580Zimbabwe2030C2S1666

Small bush to 1.5 m tall

22764Ptisana fraxinea var. salicifolia02 May 1973HM Biegel
GV Pope
BK Simon
HM Biegel GV Pope BK Simon 1060 SRGH
Perennial stream in gully forest. Uncommon, growing at waters edge, sheltered by high banksBelingwe, Bukwa Mt., lower E slope580Zimbabwe2030C2TN27-19-S0

40655Rhinacanthus zambesiacus01 Feb 1975HM Biegel
GV Pope
E Russell
HM Biegel GV Pope E Russell 4908 SRGH
In woody vegetation on sandy streambank, in partial shade5 km South of Rusongo Hill on Border rd, Remayi0Zimbabwe2032C4S400

119387Scolopia zeyheri07 Nov 1974HM Biegel
HM Biegel 4694 SRGH
Planted in garden.Salisbury.12Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Garden ornamental. Rather dense shrub, somewhat spreading, 4 m high.

41875Selaginella dregei12 Jan 1967HM Biegel
HM Biegel 1826 SRGH
Granite outcrop below Myrothamnus flabelliformis Kukwanisa, Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D1E1370

41883Selaginella dregei05 Feb 1967HM Biegel
HM Biegel 1892 SRGH
Ruware with Myriothamnus coleochloa Whitewaters dam area, Gweru0Zimbabwe1929B4C1400

42011Selaginella dregei16 Nov 1965HM Biegel
HM Biegel 548 SRGH
Brachystegia-Combretum-Terminalia, granite sand Mlezu Gov. Agricultural School Farm, Gweru0Zimbabwe1929B2C1280

35553Stomatostemma monteiroae19 Jan 1975HM Biegel
GV Pope
E Russell
HM Biegel GV Pope E Russell 1440 SRGH
Shrubby vegetation and thickets on sandy soil.West end of Mwangazi Gap, Chipinga District0Zimbabwe2032C2E440

120936Tecomaria nyassae21 Aug 1976HM Biegel
HM Biegel 5353 SRGH
Garden ornamental.Harare.12Zimbabwe1731C3C1480

Dense rounded shrub 2 m high, 2.5 m across. Flowers a dull coppery red marked with dull old-gold within. This subsp. [i.e. subsp. nyassae] is less floriferous than subsp. capensis.

23386Tragia rhodesiae23 Nov 1968HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2690 SRGH
Vacant plot, Bedford Road10ZimbabweC

With grass and Sphenostylis erecta, Vigna frutescens and Thunbergia lancifolia

106614Vigna oblongifolia var. oblongifolia02 Feb 1969HM Biegel
HM Biegel 2867 SRGH
VleiMount Pleasant, Harare10Zimbabwe1731C3C0

Among 5 ft tall Setaria sphacelata. Flowers greenish with dull blue on edge vexillum. Pods hairy, pendulous.


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