Records determined by Edmund Schelpe

Determinations: 109

The following is a list of the records determined by Edmund Schelpe in species name order.

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
29471Actiniopteris dimorpha subsp. dimorpha Apr 1954OB Miller
OB Miller 2361 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Fern on moist soil below rockFarm Besna Kobila, Matopos570Zimbabwe2028B3W0

[See note 16]

53223Actiniopteris dimorpha subsp. dimorpha23 Apr 1948RJ Rodin
RJ Rodin 4407 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On flats near road, fern on granite.5 miles north of Banket, vicinity of Umvukwe Mts., an extension in the "Great Rift Valley"0Zimbabwe1730A1N0

53231Actiniopteris dimorpha subsp. dimorpha07 Sep 1952DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 1472 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Growing under a rock on side of granite kopjeKora Kora stream, near Absent Farm, Matopos Reserve0Zimbabwe2028D2W0

53216Actiniopteris pauciloba11 Jan 1960DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 560 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On S slopes of rocky hillsides among rocks in dry sandy soil, fair amount of shade.20 miles from Kariba on road to Harare, on Zambezi Escarpment, Kariba district.0Zimbabwe1628D2N610

48851Adiantum incisum21 Apr 1948RJ Rodin
RJ Rodin 4365 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Entrance of limestone caves near Sinoia0Zimbabwe1730A3N0

48905Adiantum poiretii25 Jan 1921JM Borle
JM Borle 107 EACLE Schelpe SRGH

Local name: amatete

49730Amauropelta bergiana var. bergiana14 Jul 1955NC Chase
NC Chase 5658 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Pungwe River0Zimbabwe1832B4E1615

49737Amauropelta oppositiformis13 Jan 1951NC Chase
NC Chase 3770 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
At head of stream on mountainEast of Nyamziwa Falls, Rhodes Estate540Zimbabwe1832B4E0

52099Ampelopteris prolifera09 Jun 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6540 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Amongst Phragmites mauritianaLeft bank of Odzi River at irrigation weir beyond confluence of Dora and Odzi Rivers, Zimunya Reserve.0Zimbabwe1932B1E975

52103Ampelopteris prolifera Mar 1931 Pardy
Pardy 4813 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Bembezi River, Bubi district0Zimbabwe1927B2W0

52104Ampelopteris prolifera05 Sep 1958JB Phipps
JB Phipps 1314 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Forming dense creeping mat among Phragmites & occasionally in cracks of rocks. Only found just above present (low) water level. Obviously submerged during rainy season.Chimanda reserve, riverine fringe north bank of R. Mazoe near Welda(?) Pools0Zimbabwe1632C2N940

Common in habitat described. Plant mainly sterile with very long, weak pinnate fronds which produce bulbs on midrib. Fertile material difficult to find.

49323Arachniodes webbiana subsp. foliosa03 Oct 1962NC Chase
NC Chase 7818 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Streamside in small mountain gully in closed canopy forest below Afrocrania volkensii (Harms.) Engl.Banti North forest, West aspect0Zimbabwe1932B4E1830

40951Bolbitis heudelotii18 Jul 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6638 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rocks in bed of stream, mountain streamEastern Vumba Mts630Zimbabwe1932B2E820

Portion of fern submerged

40953Bolbitis heudelotii08 Dec 1961NC Chase
NC Chase 5569 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Among rocks in riverbed under forest.Old wagon road from Vumba, Burma Valley, Vumba630Zimbabwe1932B2E910

52113Christella buchananii16 Feb 1958DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 401 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Growing on moist sandy soil below flood level of riverChimanimani Mts. on E bank of Haroni Gorges below Haroni vieuw.330Zimbabwe2033A1E610


52407Christella chaseana17 Apr 1927F Eyles
F Eyles 4891 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Among rocks, near riverGoromonzi, Rua River0Zimbabwe1731C4C1580

Bright green

52408Christella chaseana01 Jul 1963JP Loveridge
JP Loveridge 1010 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Common along stream bank with permanent waterNgomamarira Pass, Chinamoro Reserve, Goromonzi district0Zimbabwe1731C2N0

Fronds to 2ft in length, sori abaxial, scattered along veins

52410Christella chaseana20 Jan 1960DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 565 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On forest floor near streamsChishawasha0Zimbabwe1731C3C1430

52411Christella chaseana12 Aug 1951JA Whellan
JA Whellan 535 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Kariangwe spring, sebungwe district0Zimbabwe1727D3N0

52413Christella chaseana15 Nov 1958JB Phipps
JB Phipps 1477 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Common by small streamKaryangwe - Entomolgists camp, Sekungwe district0Zimbabwe1727D3N850

Fronds crowded at apex of rhizome

52115Christella dentata01 May 1969WBG Jacobsen
WBG Jacobsen 633 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Growing on banks of the Kove river.Sengwa Research Station0Zimbabwe1828A2N0

Very common

52116Christella dentata21 Apr 1948RJ Rodin
RJ Rodin 4362 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Entrance of limestone cave near Sinoia0Zimbabwe1730A3N0

52127Christella dentata20 Jan 1960DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 564 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On forest floor, open canopyChishawasha, Goromonzi district0Zimbabwe1731C3C1432

Ditto 561; occasional

52128Christella dentata Jan 1956DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 39 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In forest very moistMakamba, 6 miles W. of Rusape, Makoni district0Zimbabwe1832C1C0

52286Christella dentata10 Jul 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 7479 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Streamside east of homesteadK.Donnelly's farm Bompani, East Vumba Mts.630Zimbabwe1932B2E1005

52287Christella dentata16 Nov 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 6242 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In shade in moist ground in jungle.Umvumvumvu River valley, Chimanimani district0Zimbabwe1932D1E1220

Frond 2-pinnatifid, 4ft long, stipe 14". Pinnae alternate, widely spaced. Sori without hairs.

52348Christella dentata22 Feb 1964DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 815 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On forest fringe on moist soil below dam wall.Water supply dam for Bikita village, 1 mile East of Bikita0Zimbabwe2031B1S1036


52545Christella friesii02 Feb 1959NKB Robson
NKB Robson 1423 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Shade of Syzygium cordatum, beside streamC. 4 miles S. of Dedza, beside main road0Zimbabwe1732C4E1700

Rhizomatous fern, fronds shortly pubescent

52546Christella friesii08 Jul 1961JD Chapman
JD Chapman 1418 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Common in gallery forest of Syzigium cordatum, Cussonia spicata, Apodytes dimidiata, Myrica sp., etc. at the nursery at Chongoni forestry schoolChongoni forestry school, Dedza0Zimbabwe1732C4E0

52609Christella hispidula25 Oct 1947H Wild
H Wild 2188 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On forest floorChirinda60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

52622Cyclosorus interruptus10 Aug 1952NC Chase
NC Chase 4625 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
RavineS.W. portion "Eastlands" Farm, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D3E1220

Rachis and underside villose. Fronds +/- 2' long, +/- 8 inches broad

53145Deparia boryana18 Apr 1963H Wild
H Wild 6106 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Fern in streambed with 6 ft frondsPungwe Gorge, Nyanga district0Zimbabwe1832B4E1220

53148Deparia boryana24 Aug 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 6182 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Beside small pool in forest near large Syzygium guinenseN.E. of Castle Beacon, Vumba Mts.50,630Zimbabwe1932B1E1680

49397Elaphoglossum acrostichoides16 Feb 1959DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 400 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Growing in small patch of forest on streambank, rareChimanimani Mts., on slope of Haroni gorge below Haroni view0Zimbabwe2033A1E762

49398Elaphoglossum acrostichoides01 Feb 1958DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 269 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On forest floor as low level epiphyteStonehenge, forested gully just north of mountain hut, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E1706

49399Elaphoglossum acrostichoides17 Jan 1949 Fisher
Fisher Schweickerdt 438 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Epiphyte on forest treesSR Umtali, nr Vumba Hotel630Zimbabwe1932B2E0

49400Elaphoglossum acrostichoides04 Nov 1955H Wild
FA Mendonça
H Wild FA Mendonça 205 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Macaranga-Podocarpus-Rapanea-Cussonia forest. EpiphyteBanti forest0Zimbabwe1932B4E1830

49402Elaphoglossum acrostichoides01 May 1960NC Chase
NC Chase 7331 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Edge of erosion gullyNear source of Pungwe river0Zimbabwe1832B4E1981

Fertile fronds narrower, undersurface covered throughout with sori

49403Elaphoglossum acrostichoides09 Feb 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 2195 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Mountain forestMonkfiels, Vumba63,1560Zimbabwe1932B2E1370

49521Elaphoglossum acrostichoides30 Mar 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 2065 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Among cliffsInangani46,1550Zimbabwe1832B4E0

49522Elaphoglossum acrostichoides17 Jul 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 1060 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Pungwe River watershed East of Inyangani0Zimbabwe1832B40

49523Elaphoglossum acrostichoides25 May 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3136 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Among rocks in shade in gorgeNorseland, Vumba Mts630Zimbabwe1932B2E0

49524Elaphoglossum acrostichoides11 Aug 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3239 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rocks on riverbankPungwe River0Zimbabwe1832B2E0

49525Elaphoglossum acrostichoides24 Apr 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3279 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Chinyakwaremba, Vumba Mts.20,63,1560Zimbabwe1932B2E0

49526Elaphoglossum acrostichoides11 Oct 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3009 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
At waterfall in gorgeWest face of Peza Mt., Chimanimani330Zimbabwe1933C3E0

49527Elaphoglossum acrostichoides18 Mar 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 6052 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On tree bole near summitCastle Beacon, Vumba50,630Zimbabwe1932B1E0

The altitude on the label stated 3200' (975 m) which is not possible for this location.

49528Elaphoglossum acrostichoides12 Jan 1951NC Chase
NC Chase 3794 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In crevices of rocksNyamziwa Falls, Nyanga540Zimbabwe1832B4E0

49529Elaphoglossum acrostichoides24 Jan 1951NC Chase
NC Chase 3781 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rocksPungwe Falls, Rhodes Inyanga Estate0Zimbabwe1832B4E0

49530Elaphoglossum acrostichoides07 Mar 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3306 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rocks in forest near waterfallRavine, Norseland, Vumba630Zimbabwe1932B2E0

49538Elaphoglossum acrostichoides28 Dec 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 6287 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On tree boleElephant Forest (Bunga) Vumba39,63,1560Zimbabwe1932B2E1615

49556Elaphoglossum aubertii01 May 1952NC Chase
NC Chase 4509 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rocks in deep shade beside mountain stream (on often come across)Stapleford forest reserve1560Zimbabwe1832D2E1520

49557Elaphoglossum aubertii15 Jul 1955NC Chase
NC Chase 5666 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On moss grown boulder streambed in closed canopy forestPungwe Gorge0Zimbabwe1832B4E1830

49562Elaphoglossum aubertii10 Feb 1958DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 347 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Low level epiphyte and lithophyte in moist shaded conditions Chimanimani Mts.; one of the forests in valley N of 8004 on path to Martin's Falls0Zimbabwe1932D4E1620

49566Elaphoglossum aubertii Jul 1948 Fisher
Fisher Schweickerdt 310 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Occasional on rocks near water in damp forestSR Umtali Pioneer Farm0Zimbabwe1832D4E1830

49567Elaphoglossum aubertii23 Jul 1959NC Chase
NC Chase 6646 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Streamside above waterfallPungwe Gorge0Zimbabwe1832B4E1830

49568Elaphoglossum aubertii16 Jul 1955NC Chase
NC Chase 5678 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In shade riverine forest on banks and tree stumps.Stapleford Forest Reserve1560Zimbabwe1832D2E1830

49570Elaphoglossum aubertii08 May 1959DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 516 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In forest on forest floor, a low level epiphyte and lithophyteForests on W and S slopes of Mt. Peza330Zimbabwe1933C3E1460


49571Elaphoglossum aubertii09 Apr 1958JA Whellan
JA Whellan 1530 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Chimanimani Mts, Bundi River Source330Zimbabwe1933C3E1830

49574Elaphoglossum chevalieri25 Jul 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6667 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rocks on floor of forestOn slopes of Pungwe Gorge0Zimbabwe1832B4E1830

49583Elaphoglossum deckenii04 Apr 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 2055 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Chipungu Waterfall, Nyangani, Inyanga0Zimbabwe1832B3E1830

49586Elaphoglossum hybridum25 May 1954NC Chase
NC Chase 5263 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In erosion gullySource of Pungwe river, Rhodes Inyanga Estate0Zimbabwe1832B4E1980

49587Elaphoglossum hybridum01 May 1960NC Chase
NC Chase 7330 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Near Source of Pungwe River0Zimbabwe1832B4E1980

49589Elaphoglossum hybridum25 Jul 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6666 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Streambank, on boulders in shadeSlopes of Inyangani46,54,1550Zimbabwe1832B4E1890

49591Elaphoglossum kuhnii09 Feb 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3473 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rock in bed of streamSambayara River, Norseland, Vumba Mts.630Zimbabwe1932B2E0

49592Elaphoglossum kuhnii29 Apr 1956NC Chase
NC Chase 4810 EACLE Schelpe AHG Alston SRGH
Among boulders by stream in good shade of Brachystegia tamarindoides and Syzygium cordatumChindamora reserve, near Mkumbe mission0Zimbabwe1731C2N0

49593Elaphoglossum kuhnii18 Jul 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6635 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Zonwe river near Valhalla falls, Bomponi, Eastern Vumba630Zimbabwe1932B2E0

49594Elaphoglossum kuhnii03 Mar 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6346 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On steep slopes of deep erosion gully on hillsideLa Rochelle74,1560Zimbabwe1832D3E1220

49660Elaphoglossum lancifolium08 Sep 1955RH Watmough
RH Watmough 97 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On mossy rock just above river with streptocarpusIn Bundi Gorge near Falls, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E0

49661Elaphoglossum lancifolium07 Mar 1949NC Chase
NC Chase 3308 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Norseland, Vumba Mts.630Zimbabwe1932B2E0

49662Elaphoglossum lancifolium09 Feb 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3472 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rocks in bed of stream in ravineNorseland, Vumba Mts.630Zimbabwe1932B2E0

49667Elaphoglossum lastii15 Oct 1950RC Munch
RC Munch 295 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Cut ceder forest areaMt. Peza, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E1520

To 3"; leaves 3" long, 1" wide

49668Elaphoglossum lastii25 Jul 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6664 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On trees side of Pungwe gorge0Zimbabwe1832B4E1830

49671Elaphoglossum lastii28 Sep 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 118 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
ForestEast of Cripp's grid, Cloudlands, Vumba Mts.29,63,1560Zimbabwe1932B1E0

49674Elaphoglossum lastii Jul 1948 Fisher
Fisher Schweickerdt 326 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Occasional as epiphyte in mountain forestSR UMtali, Pioneer farm0Zimbabwe1832D4E1830

49678Elaphoglossum spathulatum var. spathulatum17 Jul 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 1061 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
At camp beside streamPungwe River Valley, SE of Inyangani, Inyanga district0Zimbabwe1832B4E0

49679Elaphoglossum spathulatum var. spathulatum18 Jan 1951NC Chase
NC Chase 3762 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On rocks in forest streamPungwe River watershed, Rhodes Inyanga Estate54,1550Zimbabwe1832B4E1710

49680Elaphoglossum spathulatum var. spathulatum03 Mar 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6335 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On steep slopes of deep erosion gully on hillsideLa Rochelle, Imbeza Valley, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1832D3E1220

49681Elaphoglossum spathulatum var. spathulatum22 Apr 1958JB Phipps
JB Phipps 1187 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On damp moss covered rocks in and near streamsNear R. Nyamingura, Inyanga district0Zimbabwe1832B4E914

49682Elaphoglossum spathulatum var. spathulatum26 Oct 1959NC Chase
NC Chase 7470 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On boulder, streamsideNyamingura River, at tea seed nursery, Aberfoyle Tea Estate730Zimbabwe1832B4E980

41259Isoetes schweinfurthii28 Apr 1961RB Drummond
ROB Rutherford-Smith
RB Drummond ROB Rutherford-Smith 7557A EACLE Schelpe Hicley SRGH
In water, rooted in mud at edge of small rock-poolNuanetsi R., Gorge upstream Buffalo Bend, Nuanetsi district0Zimbabwe2131C4S0

Probably not distinct from 7557

41260Isoetes schweinfurthii28 Apr 1961RB Drummond
ROB Rutherford-Smith
RB Drummond ROB Rutherford-Smith 7557 EACLE Schelpe Hicley SRGH
In water, rooted in mud at edge of small rock-poolNuanetsi R., gorge upstream from Buffalo Bend, Nuanetsi District0Zimbabwe2131C4S0

52799Microgramma mauritiana05 Dec 1961NC Chase
H Wild
NC Chase H Wild 5578 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
From floor of closed canopy riverine forestIn valley from Witchwood, about 600 yds. from circular drive road Burma Valley, Gwindingwe Farm, East Vumba Mts.630Zimbabwe1932B2E700

51854Ophioglossum polyphyllum10 Feb 1953NC Chase
NC Chase 4775 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In shade on black soil on hillocks.Maranki Reserve, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1932A4E1100


51855Ophioglossum polyphyllum13 Jan 1952NC Chase
NC Chase 4319 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On granite in shallow soil, hilltopZimunya Reserve, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1932B1E1005

Herb up to 5"

51856Ophioglossum polyphyllum26 Feb 1951NC Chase
NC Chase 4033 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In shade of treesNyangani, Inyanga district0Zimbabwe1832B4E1830

4" plant

52873Pleopeltis macrocarpa21 Feb 1959DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 494 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Lithophyte on rock overhanging the stream in the valley, in shade of riverine scrub.Ngomakurira Mt. 20 miles NNE of Harare in Chindamora Nat. reserve.0Zimbabwe1731C1C1580

Common in one locality

52881Pleopeltis macrocarpa11 Aug 1950NC Chase
NC Chase 3202 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Pungwe Gorge View Point0Zimbabwe1832B4E0

52882Pleopeltis macrocarpa31 Jan 1958DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 232 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Lithophyte in moist leaf mould on top of rock protected by short bush.On top of rocky hillside above mountain hut, Chimanimani Mts.330Zimbabwe1933C3E1750

Locally common

52895Pleopeltis macrocarpa20 Jun 1948NC Chase
NC Chase 1095 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Epiphytic on tree near Nyachowa FallsNyachowa Falls, Mutare district0Zimbabwe1932B1E0

Brown scales on reverse

52896Pleopeltis macrocarpa21 Feb 1964DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 790 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On top of rock among moss in shade; also on top of kopje; lithophyte and epiphyte.Kyle Dam, Kyle chalets, 4 miles to west of Dam wall750Zimbabwe2031A1S980

Locally occasional

52897Pleopeltis macrocarpa22 Feb 1964DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 811 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Epiphyte, mostly in forest near top of hillHunyani Mountain near Bikita, Bikita Denga (Old Bikita)0Zimbabwe2031B1S1460


52899Pleopeltis macrocarpa10 Dec 1953H Wild
H Wild 4311 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Epiphyte on Brachystegia spiciformisMt. Bukwa, Belingwe district580Zimbabwe2030C2S0

49332Polystichum zambesiacum03 Feb 1961NC Chase
NC Chase 7429 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Gwach west of Rupere PeakStapleford forest reserve1560Zimbabwe1832D2E1676

Fronds 2', stipe 1'

49341Polystichum zambesiacum15 Jan 1934HB Gilliland
HB Gilliland 381 EACLE Schelpe SRGH

49353Polystichum zambesiacum25 Sep 1952NC Chase
NC Chase 4656 EACLE Schelpe JP Roux SRGH
Forest floor.Rupari Peak, Stapleford forest reserve.1560Zimbabwe1832D2E1860

Single plant only found.

52713Pseudocyclosorus pulcher25 Sep 1958NC Chase
NC Chase 6988 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On steep side of deep gully in partial shade.Mrs Rose's plot, Vumba Mts.630Zimbabwe1932B2E1520

Fronds up to 5 feet, stipe 2 ft, stem 12" by 5"

41109Psilotum nudum10 Aug 1951JA Whellan
JA Whellan 540 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Growing in crevices in sandstone, in full shade, over open pool of permanent water, with Adiantum capillus-veneris.Masene River Gorge, Sebungwe0Zimbabwe0

41122Psilotum nudum May 1904F Eyles
F Eyles 115 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Growing on bole of living tree in rainforestVictoria Falls240Zimbabwe1725D4W0

53251Pteris buchananii26 Oct 1947H Wild
H Wild 2216 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
In damp hollow of forest.Chirinda60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

4' fern

53254Pteris catoptera24 Oct 1947H Wild
H Wild 2204 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On forest floor.Chirinda 60Zimbabwe2032B3E0

53339Pteris friesii Jun 1959DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 536 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
N bank of stream on S side of Mt.Ngomakurira Mt., 20 miles NNE of Harare, Goromonzi district.0Zimbabwe1731C1C1524

53347Pteris friesii22 Feb 1964DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 817 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
1 mile East of Bikita, Water supply dam for Bikita Valley.0Zimbabwe2031B1S1040


53348Pteris friesii18 Aug 1948O West
O West 2781 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Fern on streambank under shade of riverine forest.Ngobi Dip, Belingwe district0Zimbabwe2029B4S0

53430Pteris vittata20 Jan 1960DS Mitchell
DS Mitchell 562 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
On forest floor near stream.Chichawasha, Goromonzi district.0Zimbabwe1731C3C1430


53434Pteris vittata24 May 1934HB Gilliland
HB Gilliland 203 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Gwebi River, Harare district0Zimbabwe1730D1C0

53134Pyrrosia schimperiana04 Jul 1957NC Chase
NC Chase 6577 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Epiphytes on boles of Mimusops sylvestris (Hieron.)Schlechter & on rocksBusman's Haunt, dora River0Zimbabwe1932B1E910

53142Pyrrosia schimperiana19 Sep 1947H Wild
H Wild 2007 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Epiphyte on Chrysophyllum, argyrophyllum in riverine fringeUmwinsi R., Enterprise0Zimbabwe1731C3C0

52517Thelypteris confluens Jan 1906CEF Allen
CEF Allen 229 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
VleiGwaai River0Zimbabwe1927B3W0

52522Thelypteris confluens Apr 1932CK Brain
CK Brain 9542 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Ruwa River, Marondera0Zimbabwe1731C4C1460


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