Literature: Gonçalves, M.L. (1987)

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Gonçalves, M.L. (1987)ConvolvulaceaeFlora Zambesiaca 8(1) 257

Species which refer to this work

Note that the process of capturing references from species to the literature and the reverse may be incomplete.

Species found: 73
Astripomoea hyoscyamoides
Astripomoea malvacea var. malvacea
Astripomoea malvacea var. parviflora
Convolvulus farinosus
Convolvulus sagittatus
Convolvulus sagittatus var. sagittatus
Cuscuta kilimanjari var. kilimanjari
Dichondra micrantha
Evolvulus alsinoides var. alsinoides
Evolvulus nummularius
Hewittia malabarica
Ipomoea aquatica
Ipomoea barteri var. barteri
Ipomoea batatas
Ipomoea blepharophylla
Ipomoea cairica var. cairica
Ipomoea coptica var. acuta
Ipomoea coptica var. coptica
Ipomoea crassipes var. crassipes
Ipomoea crepidiformis var. crepidiformis
Ipomoea dichroa
Ipomoea eriocarpa
Ipomoea fulvicaulis var. asperifolia
Ipomoea fulvicaulis var. fulvicaulis
Ipomoea fulvicaulis var. heterocalyx
Ipomoea hederifolia
Ipomoea heterotricha
Ipomoea hochstetteri
Ipomoea indica var. acuminata
Ipomoea involucrata var. involucrata
Ipomoea involucrata var. operosa
Ipomoea kituiensis var. kituiensis
Ipomoea lapathifolia var. lapathifolia
Ipomoea leucanthemum
Ipomoea linosepala subsp. alpina
Ipomoea linosepala subsp. linosepala
Ipomoea marginata
Ipomoea mauritiana
Ipomoea obscura var. obscura
Ipomoea obscura var. sagittifolia
Ipomoea ochracea var. ochracea
Ipomoea oenotherae var. oenotherae
Ipomoea papilio
Ipomoea parasitica
Ipomoea pes-caprae subsp. brasiliensis
Ipomoea pes-tigridis var. pes-tigridis
Ipomoea pileata
Ipomoea plebeia subsp. africana
Ipomoea polhillii
Ipomoea prismatosyphon var. prismatosyphon
Ipomoea recta
Ipomoea rubens
Ipomoea shirambensis
Ipomoea simonsiana
Ipomoea sinensis subsp. blepharosepala
Ipomoea tenuirostris subsp. tenuirostris
Ipomoea trinervia
Ipomoea turbinata
Ipomoea verbascoidea
Ipomoea welwitschii
Ipomoea wightii var. wightii
Jacquemontia tamnifolia
Lepistemon owariense
Merremia pinnata
Merremia pterygocaulos
Merremia quinquefolia
Merremia tridentata subsp. alatipes
Merremia tridentata subsp. angustifolia
Paralepistemon shirensis
Seddera suffruticosa var. suffruticosa
Stictocardia laxiflora var. laxiflora
Turbina holubii
Turbina stenosiphon

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2014-24

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2024). Flora of Malawi: Literature detail: Gonçalves, M.L. (1987)., retrieved 13 June 2024

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