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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code(s) Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
113323Berkheya bipinnatifida subsp. echinopsoides var. echinopsoides13 Jun 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In miombo woodlandAlong an overgrown road that used to approach the Juniper Forest from the west, in Nyika National Park. 1800Malawi1033D4N2028

In semi shade, c. 150-200 cm tall with white stems and underleaf. The leaves had very irregularly indented margins and were quite prickly. Flowers white.

98721Calyptrochilum christyanum17 Nov 2018P English
P English BT Wursten In mixed deciduous woodland on rocky hill slope toward seasonal streamChizarira NP1610Zimbabwe1727D2 N992

Large clump growing in a Diospyros mespiliformis

113802Ceropegia schliebenii04 Jan 2021P English
P English BT Wursten Area where the shallow soil met the rock slab.Along the track to Lutete river, Nyika National Park. 1800Malawi1033D1 N2250

Small herb winding a short distance through other vegetation. Paired leaves - the largest about 16 mm long and 4 mm wide. The flowers are about 3 cm across with each petal being about 1.5 cm. Five thread like petals a pale pinkish brown.

113740Costus macranthus17 Dec 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In deciduous woodland in a termite mound."shortcut " from Rumphi to Thazima, Rumphi District0Malawi1033D3N1503

LOTS of them flowering. Most measured were about 13 cm tall, including the ones photographed a few weeks ago. Several were as tall as 15cm.

112637Cynanchum praecox25 Aug 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In a burnt area, on a roadside bank.Road from Chelinda to the Dembo bridge, Nyika National Park.1800Malawi1033D2N2221

Four small plants, only one of which was starting to put out linear leaves. Small brownish yellow flowers on short stalks at ground level. Seems to attract flies, ants and several other bugs but no obvious smell to the plant. White latex present.

98722Diospyros mespiliformis17 Nov 2018P English
P English BT Wursten In mixed deciduous woodland on rocky hill slope toward seasonal streamChizarira NP1610Zimbabwe1727D2N992

Large tree

113444Disa perplexa09 Nov 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In a seasonally dryish boggy area along the stream.South of the old stables at Chelinda, Nyika National Park1800Malawi1033D2 N2293

Only one single specimen seen.

113697Eulophia livingstoneana20 Nov 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In Miombo woodland.Between Thazima offices and Park gate, Nyika National Park. 1800Malawi1033D3 N1665

This species was not listed by Burrows & Willis, Sabonet report 31, 2005.

113706Fadogiella stigmatoloba20 Nov 2020P English
P English BT Wursten Miombo woodlandAround Thazima office, Nyika National Park. 0Malawi1033D3N1655

Small straggly shrub with yellow flowers. Upper leaves green, and lower surface whitish.

112297Hedbergia abyssinica P English
P English BT Wursten Among the bracken scrub at edge of road in pine plantation.Near Chelinda Lodges, Nyika National Park. 1800Malawi1033D2N2371

112916Hedythyrsus thamnoideus05 Aug 2020P English
P English BT Wursten Montane scrubAlong the road to the Juniper forest, Nyika National Park.1800Malawi1033D2N2455

112972Holothrix tridactylites06 Sep 2020P English
P English In burnt grassland. Along the track to Fingira rock, Nyika National Park. 1800Malawi1033D2 N2140

Tiny plants - only about 7cm tall. The flowers are about 7 mm across and the spur is about 3-4 mm. One plant had a brownish leaf embedded in the ground around the stem, but others we found had no sign of leaves. The areas we found them had all been burnt.

113796Lactuca calophylla18 Dec 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In grassland. Along the track to Vitumbi peak, Nyika National Park.1800Malawi1033D4N2306

Basal rosette of leaves with reddish veining on underside. Single stem with long reddish hairs. Flowers clustered at the top of the stem - yellow. White latex.

112309Macledium sessiliflorum14 Jul 2020P English
P English BT Wursten Miombo woodlandClose to Thazima Gate, Nyika National Park1800Malawi1033D3N1657

113346Polystachya dendrobiiflora16 Oct 2020P English
P English BT Wursten in dry grass at the edge of the road.A bit north of Zungwara bridge, Nyika National Park.1800Malawi1033D1 N2106

There were several single stemmed plants averaging about 30cm tall. One had multiple very pale pink flowers growing along its stem. Three others had only one or two pink flowers. The lower lobe has a small purplish mark. No leaves evident. Area dry with lots of surface quartzite stones.

113716Riocreuxia chrysochroma06 Dec 2020P English
P English BT Wursten Wooded edge of seasonally dryish boggy area.Chelinda area, Nyika National Park.0Malawi1033D2 N2302

Climbing among the other plants was this lovely little plant with bell shaped flowers, creamy white with orange on the inner surface if the petals. They grew in clusters from the leaf axils. Leaves were generally paired, heart shaped with cordate base. Medium green and only slightly paler underneath. Stems and leaves slightly hairy.

113791Schizocarphus nervosus18 Dec 2020P English
P English BT Wursten In a burnt area in grassland.Along the track beyond Vitumbi peak, Nyika National Park. 1800Malawi1033D4N2206

Up to about 20 cm tall. Leaves were just beginning to grow - generally 3 per plant. Flowers light mauve with a darker centre.


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