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The following is a list of the records made by Darrel Plowes in species name order. The records are of species which occur in malambique (either as a native/naturalised species or as a cultivated species).

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NoSpeciesRecord dateRecorder(s)Coll.Det.Conf.HerbariaHabitatLocationLoc code Outing codePlanted code Country QDSGrid ref.FZ DivAlt. (m)NotesLatLongLoc Acc Code
53231Actiniopteris dimorpha subsp. dimorpha07 Sep 1952DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 1472 EACLE Schelpe SRGH
Growing under a rock on side of granite kopjeKora Kora stream, near Absent Farm, Matopos Reserve0Zimbabwe2028D2W0

26539Aerangis appendiculata DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 8016 0Not known

15648Aerangis verdickii var. verdickii03 Apr 1971DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 3459 Christon Bank70Zimbabwe1731C1 C

Epiphyte. Flowers white, with slightly twisted spurs greenish-cream in colour. Leaves rectangular, notched at the apex.

25641Aframomum angustifolium27 Oct 1969DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 3420 In kloof forest on sandstoneOn the Mutsangadzi River, Ngorima TTL, Melsetter.0ZimbabweE1220

Plants growing c. 8 feet tall. Flowers reddish-orange, waxy, in spikes up to 9 inches tall. Rainfall 70 inches per annum.

6282Agelanthus pungu15 Mar 1968DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2891 6 km W of Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D3E0

Parasite on Julbernardia globiflora. Flowers orange, fading to greenish at the base and tipped with red. Leaves bluish grey-green.

6283Agelanthus pungu DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 1126 South of Gweru0Zimbabwe1929D2C0

6284Agelanthus subulatus DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 8057 South of Ngundu Halt, 100 km South of Masvingo0ZimbabweS

On Pterocarpus angolensis.

15670Anisopappus kirkii12 Aug 1973DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 4465 On lower slopes of Chimanimani Mts0Zimbabwe1932D4E1200

A large bushy erect herb up to 2 m tall. Leaves triangular, twice as long as broad, very slightly pubescent. Inflorescence a corymb, with showy golden yellow flowers 2 cm in diameter.

6262Argyrolobium tomentosum06 Apr 1970DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 3428 In rank grassland on doleriteLemon Kop, Chimanimani0Zimbabwe1932D4E0

Bushes 1-1.5 m tall, with clusters of showy yellow flowers.Calyx and buds maroon. Upper surface of leaves with fine silky hairs.

15655Barleria crassa subsp. crassa20 Jun 1967DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2860 On whale back granite kopjeChiduku TTL, Rusape0ZimbabweC1400

Bushy herbs ± 2 ft tall in association with Aloe cameronii. Flowers bluish mauve, 1 inch diameter. Bracts reticulated with purple. Anthers violet, filaments light yellow. Spines 0.5 inches long at base of flowers.

15657Barleria hirta DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2225 Nyahodi River, Chimanimani.0ZimbabweE

40612Barleria senensis28 Mar 1973DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 4440 SRGH
Dry stony soilMutema (Mtema) CL, Save valley near Birchenough Bridge0Zimbabwe2032A2E450

Bushy perennial herb, flowers apricot yellow in terminal spikes, the bracts subtending bristles at the base of each flower. Leaves with pairs of stipellar spines at base.

73918Brillantaisia cicatricosa14 Aug 1962DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2261 SRGH
In opening in kloof forestNgorima Reserve, Melsetter (Chimanimani) District.0Zimbabwe2032B2E1220

Plants with conspicuous inflorescences about 9" long of long violet coloured flowers; lower lip more purplish in shade except for the inward bulge in the throat which is rusty straw colour. Stems square; leaves opposite, cordate-acuminate, 9" long on 3" petioles. Plants bushy herbs.

12456Carphalea pubescens20 Dec 1965DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2746 SRGH
In a sheltered watercourseAt Kariba Dam, Kariba0ZimbabweN460

52645Christella gueinziana23 May 1954DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 1737 SRGH
A pretty shade loving fern about 18" tall on banks of Tombetyane streamNear absent farm, Eastern Matopos0Zimbabwe2028D2W0

7173Cladostemon kirkii16 Oct 1963DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2353 SRGH
On a sandstone kopjeDott's Drift, Chisumbanje, Save Valley0ZimbabweE400

6263Cordyla africana28 Sep 1965DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2710 Occasional on banks of the Save RiverNear Chibuwe Irrigation Scheme, Save Valley0Zimbabwe0

Very large shady trees. Masses of golden yellow flowers. Fruit like small mango in appearance, edible. Local name: Mutondo.

25111Crassula setulosa var. setulosa17 May 1972DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 4417 On sheltered vertical banks of damp soil15 km south of Cashel, growing with C. swaziensis.0Zimbabwe1932D4E1600

Plants form low cushions 10 cm diameter. Flower stems 5-8 cm long. Flowers white. Leaves [alternately?] opposite in a series of 4, dull green.

21871Crinum buphanoides DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 7032 Tewane River, 30 km north of Mahalapye, Botswana.0Botswana2226D4 SE1071

27776Disa ochrostachya19 Feb 1983DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes sn Pungwe River, Nyanga NP540Zimbabwe E0

27778Disa ochrostachya02 Feb 1997DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 8432 On doleriteKwaraguza, Nyanga0Zimbabwe E2150

27810Disa ornithantha20 Feb 1965DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2683 On wet granite slab.Near Trout Hatchery, Nyanga NP54,1550Zimbabwe1832B4 E1830

Plants 10 inches tall, flowers 1 inch diameter. Lateral sepals and extension of dorsal sepal red, interior of latter yellow spotted with red. Lip also yellow and red.

15498Erythrina livingstoniana DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2072 Chibunje, Musikavanhu CL, Save Valley0Zimbabwe2032C2E400

14519Eureiandra fasciculata17 Nov 1966DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2831 Trailing over grass and bushesOn basalt, Hippo Mine, Save Valley0Zimbabwe2132A20

Flowers 2 inches, cream coloured with conspicuous yellow anthers at bottom of slight cup; petals spreading. Leaves palmately lobed; lobes linear with occasional linear projections.

15612Gardenia imperialis subsp. imperialis08 Feb 1966DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2753 SRGH
In swampPungwe valley, Nyanga District0Zimbabwe1832B4E700

15611Gardenia ternifolia subsp. jovis-tonantis var. goetzei DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2364 Mutare0ZimbabweE

30480Graderia scabra17 Oct 1960DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2127 Stapleford, Mutare District0Zimbabwe1832D2E0

14135Holarrhena pubescens07 Dec 1970DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 3448 SRGH
Mixed woodland on granite sandBikita District0Zimbabwe2031B2S0

14136Holarrhena pubescens06 Dec 1964DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2507 SRGH
In Julbernardia-Terminalia-Bauhinia woodland, granite sand35 kms South of Mutare0Zimbabwe1932B3E910

18197Impatiens wallerana18 Nov 1965DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2729 SRGH
On the banks of the Rusitu RiverRusitu Valley, Ngorima CL0ZimbabweE460

34938Leonotis ocymifolia var. raineriana Mar 1972DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 4412 SRGH
On granite soilsErin Forest Reserve, Nyanga0Zimbabwe1832B3E0

7017Markhamia zanzibarica DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2735 Chipangayi River, Save Valley0Zimbabwe

27639Osmunda regalis23 May 1954DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 1739 SRGH
Shady site at water edgeMatopos east, Tambetyane stream near absent farm0Zimbabwe2028B4PH83-33-W0

27650Osmunda regalis01 Sep 1958DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2046 SRGH
Along river, roots in waterInyanga, Pungwe river0Zimbabwe1832B4E730

6084Pilostyles aethiopica DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 8601 Christmas Pass, Mutare0Zimbabwe1832D3E0

30266Platycoryne mediocris DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes sn 0Not known

53334Pteris friesii23 May 1954DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 1735 SRGH
In association with other ferns on semi-shaded bed & bank of Tombetyane stream; only one seen growing in enriched granite sand.Near absent Farm, Eastern Matopos0Zimbabwe2028D2W0

Fern standing about 3 ft high

30261Satyrium hallackii subsp. ocellatum DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 8629 0Not known 0

30263Satyrium macrophyllum18 Mar 1972DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 4411 In damp soil on roadside, on granite/ dolerite contact.Erin Forest Reserve, Inyanga0Zimbabwe1832B3 E1800

A magnificent species with deep pink flowers and reddish-green bracts about 50-60 cm tall.

6278Siphonochilus aethiopicus25 Nov 1962DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2282 SRGH
In Brachystegia / Uapaca woodland on granite soilBase of the Burma Valley Pass630Zimbabwe1932B2E840

6279Siphonochilus kirkii17 Dec 1971DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 3485 SRGH
Under bushes on sandstoneHwange0ZimbabweW

35760Sphedamnocarpus pruriens var. pruriens09 Apr 1963DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2334 SRGH
Pasture Research Centre, Melsetter (Chimanimani)0Zimbabwe1932D4E1370

35503Striga gesnerioides30 Apr 1969DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 3203 SRGH
Wiltshire Estate, between Enkeldoorn (Chivhu) and Buhera, Charter District0Zimbabwe1831C1C0

Cited in Flora Zambesiaca Vol. 8 part 2:131 (1990)

32603Strobilanthopsis linifolia17 Jul 1958DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2040 SRGH
Under Brachystegia boehmii on schistsIn Sawunyama Reserve, Nyanga0Zimbabwe1732D4E1070

Common small bushy herb. Plants smell like an old billy goat. Flowers pale bluish-mauve, with darker streaks in throat. Leaves lanceolate, entire. slightly hairy.

6985Strophanthus petersianus16 Oct 1963DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 2352 SRGH
Base of sanstone kope in Julbernardia woodlandDott's Drift, Chisumbanje, Lower Save Valley0ZimbabweE400

34838Synsepalum brevipes11 May 2011BT Wursten
S Dondeyne
JH Bannerman
BT Wursten Margin of evergreen forestNdzou Camp, Moribane Forest840Mozambique1933C2MS620

52490Thelypteris confluens23 May 1954DCH Plowes
DCH Plowes 1736 SRGH
Growing among grass etc. on banks of Tom-betyane stream.Near absent farm, Eastern Matopos0Zimbabwe2028D2W0

Common small fern about 18-24" tall


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