Checklist: Acanthaceae



This is a checklist of taxa generated from the database. Genera and species which are either purely cultivated or which are wild species which do not occur in Malawi have been excluded.

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Hypoestes aristata
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NamesFZ Divisions
7908.000 ELYTRARIA Michx.  
Elytraria acaulis (L.f.) Lindau S
Elytraria crenata Vahl
Elytraria crenata Vahl var. lyrata (Vahl) Nees
Elytraria lyrata (Vahl) Vahl
Elytraria marginata sensu da Silva et al. non Vahl
Justicia acaulis L.f.
Justicia acaulis L. f. var. lyrata Vahl
Tubiflora acaulis (L. f.) Kuntze
7909.000 NELSONIA R. Br.  
Nelsonia canescens (Lam.) Spreng. N,C,S
Justicia canescens Lam.
Nelsonia campestris sensu Burkill
Nelsonia canescens (Lam.) Spreng. var. vestita (Roem. & Schult.) E. Hossain
Nelsonia gracilis Vollesen N
Nelsonia smithii Oerst. N
7914.000 THUNBERGIA Retz.  
Thunbergia alata Bojer ex Sims N,C,S
Thunbergia bikamaensis De Wild.
Thunbergia fuscata Lindau
Thunbergia manganjensis Lindau
Thunbergia nymphaeifolia Lindau
Thunbergis kamatembica Mildbr.
Thunbergia crispa Burkill N,C,S
Thunbergia homblei De Wild.
Thunbergia variabilis De Wild.
Thunbergia graminifolia De Wild. N
Thunbergia kirkiana T. Anderson N,C,S
Thunbergia lancifolia T. Anderson N,C,S
Thunbergia bequaertii De Wild.
Thunbergia cerinthoides Radlk.
Thunbergia friesii Lindau
Thunbergia gentianoides Radlk.
Thunbergia glaberrima Lindau
Thunbergia hockii De Wild.
Thunbergia puberula Lindau
Thunbergia valida S. Moore
Thunbergia lathyroides Burkill N
Thunbergia natalensis Hook. S
Thunbergia petersiana Lindau N,C,S
Thunbergia chrysops sensu Klotzsch
Thunbergia mollis Lindau
Thunbergia swynnertonii S. Moore var. cordata S. Moore
Thunbergia torrei Benoist
Thunbergia racemosa Vollesen N
Thunbergia schimbensis S. Moore N
Thunbergia subalata Lindau C,S
Thunbergia usambarica Lindau N,C,S
Thunbergia swynnertonii S. Moore
7925.000 BRILLANTAISIA P. Beauv.  
Brillantaisia cicatricosa Lindau N,C,S
Brillantaisia grandidentata S. Moore
Brillantaisia kirungae Lindau
Brillantaisia subulugurica Burkill
Brillantaisia ulugurica Lindau
Brillantaisia oligantha Milne-Redh. [End] [LR-nt]N,C
Brillantaisia pubescens T. Anderson ex Oliv. C,S
Brillantaisia anomala Lindau
Hygrophila pubescens T. Anderson ex Oliv.
Brillantaisia riparia (Vollesen & Brummitt) Sidwell C,S
Brillantaisia pubescens T. Anderson ex Oliv. var. riparia Vollesen & Brummitt
7926.000 HYGROPHILA R.Br.  
Hygrophila abyssinica (Hochst. ex Nees) T.Anderson C,S
Hygrophila prunelloides (S. Moore) Heine
Polyechma abyssinicum Nees
Synnema hygrophiloides Lindau
Hygrophila cataractae S. Moore N,C
Hygrophila didynama (Lindau) Heine N
Brillantaisia didynama Lindau
Hygrophila gigas Burkill
Hygrophila gilletii De Willd.
Hygrophila pilosa Burkill N,C
Hygrophila pobeguinii Benoist N,S
Hygrophila schulli (Buch.-Ham.) M.R. Almeida & S.M. Almeida N,C,S
Barleria auriculata Schumach.
Hygrophila auriculata (Schumach.) Heine
Hygrophila spinosa T. Anderson
Hygrophila spiciformis Lindau N,C
7928.000 MELLERA S. Moore  
Mellera lobulata S. Moore N,S
Mellera angustata Lindau
Mellera nyassana S. Moore N,C,S
Mellera submutica C.B. Clarke N,C,S
Onus submuticus (C.B. Clarke) Gilli
Pseudobarleria lindaui Dewèvre
7932.000 PHAULOPSIS Willd.  
Phaulopsis imbricata (Forssk.) Sweet
subsp. imbricata N,C,S
Aetheilema imbricatum (Forssk.) Spreng.
Ruellia imbricata Forssk.
Phaulopsis sangana S. Moore N
7937.000 MIMULOPSIS Schweinf.  
Mimulopsis alpina Chiov. N
Mimulopsis solmsii Schweinf. N,C,S
Mimulopsis sesamoides S. Moore
7939.000 DYSCHORISTE Nees  
Dyschoriste albiflora Lindau N,C,S
Dyschoriste hildebrandtii (S. Moore) S. Moore S
Calophanes hildebrandtii S. Moore
Dyschoriste alba S. Moore
Dyschoriste fischeri Lindau
Dyschoriste marandellae Merxm.
Dyschoriste matopensis N.E. Br.
Dyschoriste monroi S. Moore
Dyschoriste mutica (S. Moore) C.B. Clarke N,C,S
Dyschoriste nagchana (Nees) Bennet N,C
Diclipteranthus nagchana Nees
Dyschoriste perrottetii (Nees) Kuntze
Dyschoriste radicans sensu auct.
Dyschoriste nyassica Gilli [NrEnd] [LR-nt]N
Dyschoriste tanganyikensis C.B. Clarke N,C
Dyschoriste trichocalyx (Oliv.) Lindau
subsp. verticillaris (C.B. Clarke) Vollesen N,C,S
Calophanes verticillaris Oliv.
Dyschoriste verticillaris C.B. Clarke
7940.000 DUOSPERMA Dayton  
DISPERMA C.B. Clarke  
Duosperma crenatum (Lindau) P.G. Mey. C,S
Disperma crenatum (Lindau) Milne-Redh.
Disperma parviflorum (Lindau) C.B. Clarke
Disperma quadrisepalum C.B. Clarke
Disperma quadrisepalum C.B. Clarke var. grandifolium S. Moore
Dyschoriste quadrisepala (C.B. Clarke) Lindau
Hygrophila crenata Lindau
Hygrophila parviflora Lindau
Duosperma fanshawei Brummitt N
Duosperma glabratum Vollesen [End] [DD]N
Duosperma nudantherum (C.B. Clarke) Brummitt N
Duosperma quadrangulare (Klotzsch) Brummitt C,S
Disperma affine (Lindau) S. Moore
Disperma angolense C.B. Clarke
Disperma dentatum C.B.Clarke
Disperma quadrangulare (Klotzsch) C.B. Clarke
Disperma viscidissimum S. Moore
Duosperma angolense (C.B. Clarke) Brummitt
Duosperma dentatum C.B. Clarke, invalid name
Hygrophila affinis Lindau
Hygrophila quadrangularis (Klotzsch) Lindau
Hygrophila sessilifolia sensu Lindau in Fries (1914), non Lindau
Nomaphila quadrangularis Klotzsch
7949.000 ACANTHOPALE C.B. Clarke  
Acanthopale confertiflora (Lindau) C.B.Clarke N,C
Dischistocalyx confertiflora Lindau
Acanthopale pubescens (Lindau) C.B. Clarke
Acanthopale albosetulosa C.B. Clarke
Acanthopale longipilosa (Mildbr.) Bremek.
Dischistocalyx pubescens Engl.
Dischistocalyx pubescens Engl. var. longipilosa Mildbr.
7953.000 STROBILANTHOPSIS S. Moore  
Strobilanthopsis linifolia (T. Anderson) Milne-Redh. N
Calophanes linifolius T. Anderson ex C.B. Clarke
Dyschoriste linifolia (T. Anderson) C.B. Clarke
Hygrophila evae Briq.
Hygrophila glutinifolia Lindau
Strobilanthopsis glutinifolia (Lindau) S. Moore
Strobilanthopsis hircina S. Moore
Strobilanthopsis prostrata Milne-Redh.
Strobilanthopsis rogersii S. Moore
7965.000 RUELLIA L.  
Ruellia bignoniiflora (Lindau) S. Moore S
Dischistocalyx bignoniiflorus (S. Moore) Lindau
Ruellia bignonaeiflora S. Moore
Ruellia oxysepala C.B. Clarke
Ruellia patula Jacq. S
Dipteracanthus patulus (Jacq.) Nees
Ruellia praetermissa Lindau N,S
Ruellia prostrata Poir. N,C,S
Dipteracanthus prostratus (Poir.) Nees
Ruellia otaviensis auct.
Ruellia patula Jacq. var. prostrata (Poir.) Chiov.
7971.000 LEPIDAGATHIS Willd.  
Lepidagathis andersoniana Lindau S
Lepidagathis eriocephala Lindau N,S
Lepidagathis fischeri C.B. Clarke N
Lepidagathis rogersii Turrill
Lepidagathis lanatoglabra C.B. Clarke N,C
Lepidagathis sparsiceps C.B. Clarke
Lepidagathis nemorosa S. Moore N
Lepidagathis lindaviana Buscal. & Muschl.
Lepidagathis persimilis S. Moore
Lepidagathis ringoetii De Wild.
Lepidagathis pallescens S. Moore
subsp. pallescens N,C
7972.000 CRABBEA Harv.  
Crabbea cirsioides (Nees) Nees C,S
Crabbea angustifolia Nees
Crabbea hirsuta Harv.
Crabbea ovalifolia Ficalho & Hiern
Crabbea robusta C.B. Clarke
Crabbea undulatifolia Engl.
Ruellia circioides Nees
Crabbea coerulea Vollesen N
Crabbea velutina S. Moore S
Crabbea reticulata C.B. Clarke
7973.000 BARLERIA L.  
Barleria ameliae A. Meeuse S
Barleria prionitis L. subsp. ameliae (A.Meeuse) Brummitt & J.R.I. Wood
Barleria boehmii Lindau N
Barleria calophylloides Lindau
subsp. pilosa I.Darbysh. N,C
Barleria capitata Klotzsch S
Barleria megalosiphon Mildbr.
Barleria crassa C.B. Clarke
subsp. crassa C
Barleria nyasensis sensu auct., non C.B.Clarke
Barleria venosa Oberm.
Barleria fulvostellata C.B. Clarke
subsp. axillaris I. Darbysh. C
Barleria fulvostellata C.B. Clarke
subsp. mangochiensis I. Darbysh. [NrEnd] [EN]S
Barleria fulvostellata C.B. Clarke
subsp. fulvostellata [NrEnd] [EN]N
Barleria hirta Oberm. S
Barleria holstii Lindau C
Barleria (Müller 3076)
Barleria lactiflora Brummitt & Seyani N
Barleria senensis Klotzsch S
Barleria albida Lindau
Barleria eenii S. Moore
Barleria petrophila Lindau
Barleria spathulata N.E. Br.
Barleria spinulosa Klotzsch
subsp. spinulosa N,C,S
Barleria clivorum C.B. Clarke
Barleria consanguinea Klotzsch
Barleria squarrosa Klotzsch
Barleria ventricosa Hochst. ex Nees S
Barleria scindens Oberm.
7977.000 NEURACANTHUS Nees  
Neuracanthus africanus T. Anderson ex S. Moore S
Barleria sacani Klotzsch ex Lindau
Neuracanthus africanus T. Anderson ex S. Moore var. limpopoensis Bidgood & Brummitt
Neuracanthus decorus S. Moore
subsp. strobilinus (C.B. Clarke) Bidgood & Brummitt N
Neuracanthus strobilinus C.B. Clarke
7978.000 SCLEROCHITON Harv.  
Sclerochiton kirkii (T. Anderson) C. B. Clarke S
Acanthus kirkii T. Anderson
Sclerochiton obtusisepalus C.B. Clarke N
7980.000 BLEPHARIS Juss.  
Blepharis acanthodioides Klotzsch C,S
Blepharis myresii Oberm.
Blepharis bainesii S. Moore ex C.B. Clarke
Blepharis cataractae S. Moore
Blepharis buchneri Lindau N?
Blepharis buchneri Lindau var. major De Wild.
Blepharis malangensis S. Moore
Blepharis glumacea S. Moore N,C
Blepharis kassneri S. Moore
Blepharis grandis C.B. Clarke N,C,S
Blepharis involucrata Solms S
Blepharis barguirmiensis A. Chev. ex Lindau
Blepharis pinguior C.B. Clarke
Blepharis katangensis De Wild. N,C
Blepharis maderaspatensis (L.) Roth N,C,S
Acanthus maderaspatensis L.
Blepharis abyssinica Hochst.
Blepharis boerhaviifolia Pers.
Blepharis boerhaviifolia Pers. var. micrantha Sond.
Blepharis boerhaviifolia Pers. var. nigrovenulosa De Wild. & T. Durand
Blepharis gueinzii T. Anderson
Blepharis maderaspatanus (L.) Roth var. abyssinica (Hochst.) Fiori, Boschi & Piante
Blepharis maderaspatensis (L.) Roth subsp. rubiifolia (Schum.) Napper
Blepharis teaguei Oberm.
Blepharis menocotyle Milne-Redh. C
Blepharis pungens Klotzsch S
Blepharis madandensis S. Moore
Blepharis sol C.B. Clarke [End?] N
Blepharis tanganyikensis (Napper) Vollesen N
Blepharis cuanzensis S. Moore subsp. tanganyikensis Napper
Blepharis tenuiramea S. Moore N,C,S
Blepharis caloneura S. Moore var. angustifolia Oberm.
7981.000 ACANTHUS L.  
Acanthus ueleensis De Wild. N,S
Acanthus montanus sensu C.B. Clarke
Acanthus vandermeirenii De Wild.
7985.000 CROSSANDRA Salisb.  
Crossandra nilotica Oliv. N
Crossandra massaica sensu Maroyi
Crossandra puberula Klotzsch S
Crossandra jashi Lindau
Crossandra pubescens Klotzsch
Crossandra pyrophila Vollesen S
Crossandra greenstockii sensu S. Moore
8007.000 ASYSTASIA Blume  
Asystasia gangetica (L.) T. Anderson
subsp. micrantha (Nees) Ensermu N,C,S
Asystasia coromandeliana Nees
Asystasia pinguifolia T. Edwards
Justicia gangetica L.
Asystasia glandulosa Lindau N,C,S
Asystasia malawiana Brummitt & Chisumpa C,S
8022.000 RUSPOLIA Lindau  
Ruspolia decurrens (Hochst. ex Nees) Milne-Redh. C,S
Eranthemum decurrens Nees
Eranthemum senense Klotzsch
Pseuderanthemum decurrens (Nees) Radlk.
Pseuderanthemum senense (Klotzsch) Radlk.
Ruspolia seticalyx (C.B. Clarke) Milne-Redh. N,C,S
Eranthemum seticalyx C.B. Clarke
Pseuderanthemum seticalyx (C.B. Clarke) Stapf
8024.000 PSEUDERANTHEMUM Radlk.  
Pseuderanthemum subviscosum (C.B. Clarke) Stapf N,S
Eranthemum subviscosum C.B. Clarke
Pseuderanthemum tunicatum sensu Milne-Redh.
8031.000 DICLIPTERA Juss.  
Dicliptera aculeata C.B. Clarke N,C,S
Peristrophe aculeata (C.B. Clarke) Brummitt
Peristrophe bicalyculata sensu Clerke, non (Retz.) Nees
Peristrophe hensii Sensu da Silva et Al., non C.B. Clarke
Dicliptera carvalhoi Lindau
subsp. carvalhoi N
Dicliptera angustifolia Gilli
Dicliptera cephalantha S. Moore
Dicliptera olitoria Mildbr.
Dicliptera rogersii Turrill
Dicliptera clinopodia Nees C,S
Dicliptera leonotis sensu auct. non C.B. Clarke
Dicliptera nobilis S. Moore
Dicliptera colorata C.B. Clarke N
Dicliptera heterostegia Nees C,S
Dicliptera insignis Mildbr.
Dicliptera mossambicensis Klotzsch
Justicia heterostegia E. Mey.
Dicliptera laxata C.B. Clarke N
Dicliptera maculata Nees
subsp. maculata N,S
?Dicliptera umbellata sensu Binns, non (Vahl) Juss.
Dicliptera lingulata C.B. Clarke
Dicliptera longipedunculata Mildbr.
Dicliptera wittei Mildbr.
Dicliptera melleri Rolfe N,C,S
Diapedium melleri (Rolfe) S. Moore
Peristrophe mellerioides Merxm.
Dicliptera paniculata (Forssk.) I. Darbysh. N,C
Peristrophe bicalyculata (Retz.) Nees
Peristrophe paniculata (Forssk.) Brummitt
Dicliptera pumila (Lindau) Dandy ex Brenan N,C,S
Dicliptera sp. A S
Dicliptera sp. D S
Dicliptera verticillata (Forssk.) C. Chr. N,C,S
Dicliptera spinulosa Hochst. ex K. Balkwill
8032.000 HYPOESTES Sol. ex R.Br.  
Hypoestes aristata (Vahl) Roem. & Schult. N,C,S
Hypoestes verticillaris (L.f.) Roem. & Schult.
Justicia aristata Vahl
Hypoestes forskaolii (Vahl) Roem. & Schult.
subsp. forskaolii N,C,S
Hypoestes depauperata Lindau
Hypoestes echioides Lindau
Hypoestes latifolia Nees
Hypoestes mlanjensis C.B. Clarke
Hypoestes mollis T. Anderson
Hypoestes preussii Lindau
Hypoestes tanganyikensis C.B. Clarke
Hypoestes verticillaris (L.f.) Roem. & Schult.
Hypoestes violaceotincta Lindau
Justicia forskaolii Vahl
Justicia paniculata Forssk.
Hypoestes triflora (Forssk.) Roem. & Schult. N,C,S
Hypoestes consanguinea Lindau
Hypoestes kilimandscharica Lindau
Hypoestes phaylopsoides S. Moore
Hypoestes rosea sensu Clarke p.p. non P. Beauv.
Justicia triflora Forssk.
8048.000 ECBOLIUM Kurz  
Ecbolium clarkei Hiern
var. clarkei S
8054.000 RHINACANTHUS Nees  
Rhinacanthus submontanus T. Harris & I. Darbysh. N,C
Rhinacanthus zambesiacus I. Darbysh. C,S
Rhinacanthus communis sensu C.B. Clarke
Rhinacanthus gracilis sensu auct. non Klotzsch
Rhinacanthus rotundifolius sensu da Silva et al. non C.B. Clarke
8061.000 MEGALOCHLAMYS Lindau  
Megalochlamys hamata (Klotzsch) Vollesen S
Blechum hamatum Klotzsch
Ecbolium hamatum (Klotzsch) C.B. Clarke
Ecbolium lugardiae N.E. Br.
Megalochlamys strobilifera C.B. Clarke
8079.000 ISOGLOSSA Oerst.  
Isoglossa bracteosa Mildbr. N
Isoglossa eliasbandae Brummitt S
Isoglossa floribunda C.B. Clarke
subsp. floribunda S
Isoglossa grandiflora S.Moore N,S
Isoglossa gregorii (S. Moore) Lindau C,S
Homilacanthus gregorii S. Moore
Isoglossa oerstediana Lindau
Justicia nyassae Lindau
Isoglossa membranacea C.B. Clarke
subsp. membranacea N
Isoglossa milanjiensis S. Moore S
Isoglossa mossambicensis Lindau
Isoglossa multinervis I. Darbysh. N
Isoglossa pawekiae Brummitt & Feika N
Isoglossa perdita I. Darbysh. [End] [EX?]S
Isoglossa strigosula C.B. Clarke N,C
Brachystephanus africanus S. Moore
var. africanus N,C,S
Brachystephanus bequaertii De Wild.
8094.000 JUSTICIA L.  
JACOBINIA Nees ex Moricand  
MONECHMA Hochst.  
Justicia anagalloides (Nees) T. Anderson N,C,S
Adhatoda anagalloides Nees
Justicia asystasioides (Lindau) M.E. Steiner N
Duvernoia asystasioides Lindau
Justicia amabilis (Mildbr.) V.A.W. Graham
Justicia mildbraedii V.A.W.Graham
Thamnojusticia amabilis Mildbr.
Thamnojusticia grandiflora Mildbr.
Justicia betonica L. N,C,S
Adhatoda betonica (L.) Nees
Adhatoda cheiranthifolia Nees
Adhatoda lupulina Nees
Adhatoda variegata Nees var. pallidior Nees
Justicia betonicoides C.B. Clarke
Justicia cheiranthifolia (Nees) C.B. Clarke
Justicia pallidior (Nees) C.B. Clarke
Justicia pallidior (Nees) C.B. Clarke var. cooperi C.B. Clarke
Justicia uninervis S. Moore
Justicia bracteata (Hochst.) Zarb. N,C,S
Monechma bracteatum Hochst.
Monechma debile (Forssk.) Nees
Justicia ciliata Jacq. N
Justicia elegantula S. Moore C
Justicia eminii Lindau N
Justicia flava (Vahl) Vahl N,C,S
Justicia francoiseana Brummitt S
Adhatoda bagshawei S. Moore
Justicia bagshawei (S. Moore) Eyles
Justicia heterocarpa T. Anderson
subsp. dinteri (S. Moore) Hedrén S
Justicia dinteri S. Moore
Justicia kirkiana T. Anderson N,C,S
Justicia woodsiae S. Moore
Justicia linearispica C.B. Clarke N,C
Justicia lithospermoides Lindau N,C
Justicia matammensis (Schweinf.) Oliv. N,C,S
Adhatoda matammensis Schweinf.
Justicia mollugo C.B. Clarke N,C,S
Justicia heterocarpa sensu Lindau
Justicia leptocarpa sensu Lindau
Justicia monechmoides S. Moore C,S
Monechma monechmoides (S. Moore) Hutch.
Justicia nuttii C.B. Clarke N,C,S
Justicia goetzei Lindau
Justicia nuttii C.B. Clarke var. blantyrensis C.B. Clarke
Justicia schliebenii Mildbr.
Justicia nyassana Lindau N,C,S
Justicia petiolaris (Nees) T. Anderson
Justicia phyllostachys C.B. Clarke N
Justicia protracta (Nees) T. Anderson S
Adhadota microphylla Klotzsch
Adhatoda protracta (Nees) Nees
Gendarussa protracta Nees
Gendarussa prunellaefolia Hochst.
Justicia kraussii C.B. Clarke
Justicia microphylla (Klotzsch) Lindau
Justicia pulegioides C.B. Clarke
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock subsp. melampyrum (S. Moore) J.K. Morton
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock var. filifolia (Lindau) J.K. Morton
Justicia woodii C.B. Clarke
Justicia rodgersii Vollesen N
Justicia sp. 1. sensu White et al.
Justicia scandens Vahl N,C,S
Justicia glabra Roxb.
Rhaphidospora glabra (Roxb.) Nees
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock N,C,S
Adhatoda striata Klotzsch
Justicia dyschoristeoides C.B. Clarke
Justicia filifolia Lindau
Justicia striata (Klotzsch) Bullock subsp. striata var. dyschoristeoides (C.B. Clarke) Hedrén
Justicia striolata Mildbr. N,C,S
Justicia syncollotheca Milne-Redh. N
Justicia tenella (Nees) T. Anderson N,S
Anisostachya tenella (Nees) Lindau
Rostellaria tenella Nees
Rostellularia tenella Nees
Justicia varians (C.B. Clarke) Vollesen N
Monechma varians C.B. Clarke
Justicia whytei S. Moore C,S
8096.000 ANISOTES Nees  
Anisotes formosissimus (Klotzsch) Milne-Redh. S
Adhatoda formosissima Klotzsch
Macrorungia formosissima (Klotzsch) C.B. Clarke
Symplectochilus formosissimus (Klotzsch) Lindau
Anisotes nyassae C. Baden N
Anisotes pubinervis (T. Anderson) Heine N,C,S
Macrorungia pubinervia (T. Anderson) C.B. Clarke
Metarungia pubinervia (T. Anderson) C. Baden
Rungia pubinervia T. Anderson
Anisotes sessiliflorus (T. Anderson) C. B. Clarke S
Anisotus sessiliflorus subsp. iringensis Baden
Himantochilus sessiliflorus T. Anderson

Copyright: Mark Hyde, Bart Wursten, Petra Ballings and Meg Coates Palgrave, 2014-23

Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2023). Flora of Malawi: Checklist: Acanthaceae., retrieved 8 December 2023

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