Literature: Cope, T.A. (1999)

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Cope, T.A. (1999)PoaceaeFlora Zambesiaca 10(2) 207

Species which refer to this work

Note that the process of capturing references from species to the literature and the reverse may be incomplete.

Species found: 115
Acrachne racemosa
Alloeochaete geniculata
Alloeochaete gracillima
Alloeochaete oreogena
Bewsia biflora
Brachyachne fulva
Chloris gayana
Chloris pilosa
Chloris pycnothrix
Chloris roxburghiana
Chloris virgata
Chrysochloa hindsii
Craspedorhachis africana
Crypsis schoenoides
Ctenium concinnum
Ctenium somalense
Cynodon aethiopicus
Cynodon dactylon
Cynodon nlemfuensis var. nlemfuensis
Cynodon nlemfuensis var. robustus
Dactyloctenium aegyptium
Dactyloctenium geminatum
Dactyloctenium giganteum
Eleusine africana
Eleusine coracana
Eleusine indica
Enteropogon macrostachyus
Eragrostis aethiopica
Eragrostis amabilis
Eragrostis arenicola
Eragrostis aspera
Eragrostis botryodes
Eragrostis canescens
Eragrostis caniflora
Eragrostis capensis
Eragrostis castellaneana
Eragrostis chapelieri
Eragrostis cilianensis
Eragrostis ciliaris
Eragrostis congesta
Eragrostis cylindriflora
Eragrostis exasperata
Eragrostis exelliana
Eragrostis fastigiata
Eragrostis flavicans
Eragrostis gangetica
Eragrostis heteromera
Eragrostis hierniana
Eragrostis hispida
Eragrostis homblei
Eragrostis inamoena
Eragrostis japonica
Eragrostis lappula
Eragrostis mollior
Eragrostis nindensis
Eragrostis olivacea
Eragrostis paniciformis
Eragrostis paradoxa
Eragrostis patens
Eragrostis patentipilosa
Eragrostis pilosa
Eragrostis racemosa
Eragrostis rotifer
Eragrostis sclerantha subsp. villosipes
Eragrostis superba
Eragrostis sylviae
Eragrostis tef
Eragrostis tenuifolia
Eragrostis tremula
Eragrostis viscosa
Eragrostis volkensii
Eragrostis welwitschii
Eustachys paspaloides
Habrochloa bullockii
Leptocarydion vulpiastrum
Leptochloa fusca
Leptochloa panicea
Leptochloa uniflora
Lepturus radicans
Microchloa altera
Microchloa caffra
Microchloa indica
Microchloa kunthii
Neyraudia arundinacea
Pentaschistis natalensis
Perotis leptopus
Perotis patens
Pogonarthria squarrosa
Rytidosperma davyi
Sporobolus africanus
Sporobolus angustifolius
Sporobolus centrifugus
Sporobolus congoensis
Sporobolus consimilis
Sporobolus cordofanus
Sporobolus festivus
Sporobolus fimbriatus
Sporobolus ioclados
Sporobolus mauritianus
Sporobolus micranthus
Sporobolus molleri
Sporobolus myrianthus
Sporobolus olivaceus
Sporobolus panicoides
Sporobolus piliferus
Sporobolus pyramidalis
Sporobolus sanguineus
Sporobolus spicatus
Sporobolus stapfianus
Sporobolus stolzii
Sporobolus subtilis
Tragus berteronianus
Tripogon major
Tripogon minimus
Tripogon modestus

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Hyde, M.A., Wursten, B.T., Ballings, P. & Coates Palgrave, M. (2020). Flora of Malawi: Literature detail: Cope, T.A. (1999)., retrieved 10 August 2020

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